rules & regulation

Dress code : The IATS public school has tarted a “uniform” for its students. This is to ensure a homogeneous atmosphere in compus, to give the students a feeling of oneness and keeping the young’s concentration on their education. The students are required to wear the prescribed uniform the school campus. Compliance to the uniform shall reflect the internal assessment of student. The specified  uniform pattern for the students is attached with a separate leaflet with prospectus.

Identity Card : Students are required to get their identity-card before joining the classes form the designated authority. They shall carry the cards during the school hours to be entitled to various facilities of the school. Student will have to produce indentity-card on demand by any member of the staff of IATS public school at any time within the campus of school. In case of or theft of identity card, it will be reissued by charging of Rs.25/-.

Change of address : Guardians are requested to inform the school about the change of postal address/phone number /fax number/E-mail Id by a separate letter immediately

Vehicle : The student must come to the allotted bus stop at least five minutes before the scheduled time. The bus will not wait for the students after the allotted time at the bus stop. No temporary change of stoppages will   heenterained   without a written application form his parent and is required to be duly signer by the concern authorities. It is the parent’s responsibility to bring pick-up the student form the bus stop The school reserves the right to refuse bus facility to a student if any inconveniences are obs.

Routes : (1) The vehicle fee is subject to change time to time (2) The details of bus routes, stoppage and fee sturchture etc. is attached in a separate.

Leave Rules: (1) Students are not allowed to leave the school premises without the permission of the principal (2) Any student who is absent from the school must handover a  leave-letter signed by his/her parents to the class teacher on the fist day he/she returns. The leave letter should be submitted in advance in the school hours.

Discipline : Discipline at school will be maintained through healthy and through organized activities. Violation of schooled discipline, disregard of rules and misbehavior of any kind will result in expulsion of the students. Although normally NO corporal punishment is allowed result in the school yet in case of grave indiscipline, if school authorities deem it fit it may be resorted to maintain discipline in the interest of bothe students and the school